Here is a very in depth article about my friend and great poster artist David Singer.

I have been keeping these 3 posters under wraps until I had permission to post them from Jean-marc Folliet and his Culture Factory USA reissue label company. I actually completed them in July, August and early September. In this composite image below are the 3 commemorative posters that I designed

I've mentioned both of these 2 events before, but now that I've finished designing a poster for the opening of the Gary Grimshaw exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum on October 30th, I wanted to post it. It somehow seem fitting to post it along with the poster for The

While looking through some old pictures, I found a very interesting "oldie but goodie" - ha!!! This 1984 picture of the late great fiddle player Vassar Clements and I. That year I happened to design his latest album cover. The color key proof came back from the record company and

Back In the early '80s, I was in New York City for a Rock Ages music convention. Rick Danko and Richard Manuel (of The Band) performed there. Later they invited me to thier Gerde's Folk City gig. This was taken backstage. Some years earlier I did an interview Rick Danko

Here are a couple more of my recent designs. Sweet Jam is a group from Santa Cruz, that featues two of my favorite people, Catherine Lewis & Keith Graves. The CD album cover has been approved, but I'm still making last minute adjustments to the rest of th package. The

The Jagged Edge LP cover was designed for Big Beat Records in London. This group is one of the great "lost" bands in late-'60s Detroit rock history. Like the MC5 and the Stooges, they played frequently at the Grande Ballroom and were very popular. The design is my homage to