The poster I designed for the July 2nd, 2009 “Yes and Asia” concert at The Warfield in San Francisco was a great success. Between sets, Chuck Sperry (The Firehouse Kustom Rock Art Company’s master screen printer) and I were escorted backstage to meet famed Yes and Asia album cover artist Roger Dean. When I asked him if he liked the poster (which was inspired by his art), he jokingly said, “Dennis, It’s so good, you should be shot.” Everyone around us burst out laughing. Then Roger took Chuck’s ink stained hands in his and remarked, “The English painter Turner said, “You have only to look at the hands to see who is a real artist”.” Roger invited Chuck and I to hang out with him the following day at the “San Francisco Art Exchange” gallery near Union Square.
 He was having an art show in conjunction with the Yes and Asia concert. I brought two copies of the poster for Roger. Chuck and I also gave him a few samples of our other poster designs. He looked at them all very slowly and carefully then said, “They’re all wonderful. Really rock & roll.” Roger then walked us through the gallery and explained the variety of techniques he used in his art. Later in a conversation in a back room of the gallery, he told us his favorite artist was Rick Griffin. He signed and drew in my copy of his latest art book, “Dragon’s Dream” and then actually singed Chuck’s copy of the “Yes & Asia” poster. I was stunned. Chuck now owns the only copy of this poster signed by both me and Roger Dean. Before we left, one of the gallery owners took a picture of the three of us together holding that poster.

Gee Whiz!!! Meeting Roger Dean, designing surfer shorts and being in a poster documentary film!!! What can happen next?

Just stay tuned…